100 Days Banquet Favor Donation

Parents usually celebrate the birth of new-born baby when the baby is 1 month-old or 100 days-old.  Small gifts are prepared to thank their guests for their presence and blessings. This gesture can also help the abandoned "little furry", to acheive "One Gift, Two Loves".

By donating to SAA the amount of money required for the thank-you gifts,  the abandoned "little furry" would not only benefit from this act of love and warmth, but also grow happily and healthily with the "little baby".

In order to show everyone where the donation is going, SAA will supply cards of Appreciation (10.5cmH x 14.8cmW) or Thank-you boards (42.0cmH x 29.7cmW) to the "little baby" for distribution among their guests.  Love is for all to share!

100 Days Banquet Gift Donation Application

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