SAA Medical Fund

Use of Funds

The SAA Animal Medical Fund is used for paying medical bills of the abandoned animals, performing sterilization and paying for the medical expenses of the animals found in the warehouse or the automobile yard areas.


Free provision of sterilization to animals in the warehouse and automobile yard areas

The programme started to operate in November 2005 with an aim to solve, in a humanitarian manner, the over breeding of stray animals and the hygiene problems so caused in the neighborhood.  Volunteers who have been feeding the stray animals would take these animals to the SAA animal medical centre for a health and temperament evaluation.  After sterilization, the animals would be put back to their domain, fed and monitored for the rest of their lives there.


Please offer your helping hand

Instant assistance to tackle medical emergencies is much needed when a stray animal is injured or when a low-income pet owner chooses to abandon a sick pet. SAA established the Animal Medical Emergency Fund in 2011 with the hope of saving animals in need.   Part of the Fund would be used for covering medical bills of the aging or physically handicapped animals in our shelter while some would be used for handling cases of urgency such as helping a pet owner with financial difficulties and a sick pet.  The SAA Animal Medical Emergency Fund relies fully on public donation.  We do need your helping hand and support to offer stray or abandoned animals a chance to survive by providing them the much needed medical treatment.  Thank you for your support!