The success of SAA’s becoming one of the biggest animal sanctuaries in Hong Kong has been heavily depended on our devoted volunteers over the years.  You will discover our work to be indeed interesting and challenging once you join us and become one of our volunteers.

1. Dog Handler Program

SAA has been established for more than sixteen years. The existence of SAA relies entirely on generous support from all walks of life. We now launch the “Dog Walker Program”. In this program, after finishing a training course, dog walkers are qualified to walk SAA’s dogs. It not only provides the dogs an opportunity to interact with the surroundings, also the dogs can learn the way to communicate with human which makes them easier to get along with human and therefore leads to a higher chance of adoption. Meanwhile, dog walkers are also benefited through exercising, escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoying a fresh breath.

- Must be at least 18 years old

- Must be SAA member

- Dog Handler Courses (HK$200 each)

- A Dog Handler Test will be given

- Dog Handler Certificate will be given when the applicant passes the test

Course Description: A total of 4 one-hour sessions.  The 1st to 3rd sessions include theory and practice; the 4th session is a Test.  (Participant needs to attend all the lessons to qualify for taking the Test.)  After a success in the Test, participant will be given a “Dog handler”pass with which they could come to walk the dogs on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 

As there is a long waiting list for the Dog Handling training course, we do not accept new application at the moment. If there is any updates about the Dog Handler Course, we will announce on SAA Facebook Page. We appreciate your patience.

2. Event Volunteer 

SAA holds events of various scales each year such as Dog Marathon, Charity Ticket sale & Flag Day, etc.  We need volunteers with patience and love to help out in all of these events.  Your support is much needed!  Join us to become our volunteers! 
- You need to be of age 16 or above
- Please fill out the Form for volunteers

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3. Shelter Volunteer

SAA needs volunteers to take up cleaning work every day.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those who love animals and wish to do something for them.  All cleaning volunteers will come into close contact with the animals and to experience the daily operation of SAA by working with our staff cleaning the shelter and taking care of the animals.

No need to fill out the Form for volunteers.  Simply give us a call on 28380633 if you are interested. (Volunteer must visit SAA Shelter at least once before doing the volunteering service.)