Our Mission

Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) was established on June 4, 1997 by a group of animal welfare  ' activist. The motto of SAA is "Love Animal, Respect Life, No Killing or Abandoning". It was officially registered as a local charitable organization on May 28, 1998.

Regardless of the fact that they are abandoned, physically impaired, senile or unhealthy, SAA always strives to rehome all of our animals and if we have to, we will take care of them until the end of their lives.  Literally “No Killing No Abandoning”!  Every successful adoption brings us so much joy and impels us towards our goal of helping more abandoned animals.


Our main scope of work include:

  • To rehome abandoned animals
  • To offer assistance to pet owners when their pets are in need of blood transfusions.
  • Our “Animal Treatment Centre” was originally set up in November 2005 at the SAA site.  Then in May 2010, we established the “SAA Albert Wu Veterinary Centre” that included an operating room and isolation ward in downtown Yuen Long.  We then participated in the “local garages and warehouses stray animals free spaying and neutering programme” in order to help controlling their numbers.
  • To pay visits to the needy ones in our community (e.g. the elderly, emotionally disturbed, mentally challenged, etc)
  • To promote animal welfare in the community by organising educational events

Successfully obtained permission from Agricultural, Fisheries Conservation Department to carry out the “Trap-Neuter-Return” (TNR) pilot programme in hopes of reducing the number of stray dogs.